Smart Hot-Spot Free Modules

AE Smart Hot-Spot Free Shading Resistant modules were awarded as TOP INNOVATION 2018 by PV Magazine and tested by Fraunhofer CSP

The AE Smart Hot-Spot Free Modules developed by AE Solar use bypass diodes to eliminate the development of hot-spots and thus the damages and risks associated. The temperature of Hot-Spot cells within AE Smart Hot-Sport Free Modules does not exceed 85°C. This temperature management eliminates material hazard, the safety of the module and its surroundings. Available from 350W to 370W range, the AE Smart Hot-Spot Free Modules offer up to 30% more power output compared to standard PV Modules thanks to their improved efficiency. This added efficiency translates into less modules needed and less space required for installation. Space Saving for PV plants by using Smart Modules compared to standard “non-smart” modules Temperature of cells does not exceed operating temperature of PV modules No reduction of PV module stability and no fire risk from hot-spots.

All our photovoltaic modules can be performed with Smart Hot Spot Free Technology implementation.
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